Monday, October 20, 2008

Skirts For Everyone!!!

Why I Love Polamalu And Hate Goodell

What's Next? No More Scary Tatoos?

Back in the day, Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Lambert suggested that the NFL put skirts on quarterbacks so they know not to hit them like they are actual football players.

Roger Goodell seems to want to make the skirt uniforms manditory for all players.
A little while back, the usually hard to crack Steelers safety Troy Polamalu opened up about his take on the direction the NFL was headed.

"It's becoming more and more flag football, two-hand touch," said Polamalu.

He would go on to say that league officials are turning football into a "pansy game" and that greats like Dick Butkus and Ronnie Lott wouldn't be able to play in todays game because they would be fined way to much and woulnd't be able to make rent.

I couldn't agree more.

I've already expressed my anger towards the babying of qbs, but thats done by referees. What Troy is talking about is perfectly legal, non-penalized hits that are resulting in fines well after the game has ended. What Troy is talking about are the two legal hits Hines Ward layed on corners this year that resulted in fines of 15,000 each.
Yeah, the NFL is protecting DEFENSIVE players from getting HIT!

Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson was fined 25,000 bucks because a legal hit he layed on Buffalo quarterback Trent Edwards resulted in a concussion.

Just because someone gets injured doesn't mean the hit was dirty. It is very possible to give someone a concussion from a totally legal form tackle.

It's football. People are supposed to get messed up. The players know that. It's been a reality since they played in high school. If you take away the brutality of football then you take away a key element that has made football the most popular sport in America.

If a player was afraid of injury, then they would switch to baseball.

If we have a bunch of players running around playing tentative, then they are going to get hurt. That's something players are taught very early on.

Fine happy Roger Goodell claims that this new wave of non-penalized hits being fined is due to a desire to protect the players from injury. This is true and false. True, the NFL wants to keep players from getting injured, but it has less to do with player safety and more to do with protection of assets. It's about money. If they really wanted to protect players from being injured, they wouldn't be currently debating the possibility of adding a couple more games to the regular season.

Oh really? That's more chances for players to get injured, more wear and tear, all of which could lead to shorter careers and less money for the players. It would, however, bring more money in for the league.

Safety of the players huh?
How about we stop fining players for hits, because that's what they are paid to do.
Let's also stop fining players for touchdown dances, trust me, no one is getting offended by them accept for everyone's racist grandpa who doesn't see why there aren't as many white fellas playing these days.
And lets kill this new "Defensive Delay Of Game" call that's being tossed around this season. Oh, a defensive player didn't immediatly pick up the ball and hand it to the nearest ref? He instead angrily hits the ground because he missed an easy pick. Well, we can't have emotion in football can we? Toss the yellow flag.

The fun police are already stepping all over College Football (Washington-BYU game anyone?), let's keep them out of the NFL.

Do it for Deion, do it for Butkus, and do it for my sanity.


uisjmc cooley said...

The only reason the NFL is cracking down on big hits is because they want to protect their assets. You're right on that one. The owners don't care about the safety of the players, or their well being after their career is over. Just look at all of the retired players who desperately need money for medical problems they have from the game of football.

Owners only care about one thing, money. Expect more flags and fines this year and even more in the years to come.

At this rate, in 2020 they'll be playing soccer!

uisjmc morgan said...

Thats a great point, if they really worried about players safety they would do more to help retired players live comfortable lives after their careers have ended.

BC said...

Attention Sports Fans:

Hey guys, just wanted to extend everyone an invite to my house (923 e. Jefferson) this Saturday for an awesome day of tailgating, lawn games, and football watching. There’ll be games on multiple large-screen TVs starting at 11am and leading up to the big primetime match-up (No, not PSU/OSU, Notre Dame v. Washington!). I have a pretty big yard so all day we’ll have games going on (Bags, Australian Frisbee, Pong/Flip Cup, etc), and we’ll also grill plenty of meat. Feel free to bring friends/girlfriend/boyfriends/dogs (the yard is fenced in and my dog could use company). I’ll probably get a keg from John’s of something decent, let me know if anyone has any particular requests. Hope you guys can all make it!

P.S. Dave you don't have a blog I can post this on, but you're expected to make an appearance as well.

UISJMC Schwartz said...

Bring the fun back and crack down only on the most extreme cases. A little bit of dancing -- great. Ocho Cinco getting excited and proposing to a Bengals cheerleader -- sure, why not. It was over in 5 seconds. Pulling props out of your uniform -- eh, probably not.

UISJMC Chiakulas said...

The NFL needs to crack down on the "bounty hunters."

Other than that, play football!!

I'm sick and tired of watching constant roughing the passer penalties and late hits, especially to the QB.

Are quarterbacks allowed to get hit anymore? In 5 years it's going to be pull the flag on the quarterback and tackle everyone else. It's getting ridiculous.

I know you have to protect your players and quarterbacks are vulnerable in many instances, but that's the risk of being a QB.

PS...Pulling a sharpie out of your pocket and signing the ball was creative and unique, I dug it.

uisjmc morgan said...

agreed, if its over the top but creative, I say go for it, you may get fined but people will remember the celebration for a long time.