Monday, September 8, 2008

The Fun Police and Jim Abbott

What I Hate...

Nothing truly captures the pure joy of sports like when mindless rule-nazis throttle the life out of logic.
You had your classic college football upset scare in the works. #15 Brigham Young was on the road and struggling to put away a Washington team powered by "Baby Tebow" Jake Locker. Down 28 to 21 and driving, The Washington Huskies had backed the BYU Cougars against their goaline.

That's when Locker put on the hero pants and scrambled into the endzone as time expires. All they had to do now was pop in the extra point and get ready for overtime. But it wasn't that simple, because wouldn't you know it, the REAL heroes had to come in and save us FROM Locker.
Turns out Locker had the balls to jump up in the air after scoring a potentially game saving touchdown and, wait for it, throw the ball in...the...air.

My GOD, who does this scumbag think he is.
Good things the refs came in and taught Locker a lesson about not being happy by slapping him and his teamates with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. This backed up the Hustkies, forcing them to kick a 35 yard extra point that was blocked by BYU, giving the Cougs the W.

After the game, the refs defended themselves by saying they had to throw the flag as stated by NCAA rules.
"After scoring the touchdown, the player threw the ball into the air and we are required, by rule, to assess a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It is a celebration rule that we are required to call. it was not a judgment call."

Thats garbage. If every illegal play was called holding would be called on every single play of every single game on every single level of football. This is a fact. My high school offensive line coach taught our offensive line to hold.
It's called logic. The kid jumped in the air, tossed the ball up (while facing one of his teamates, not the opposing fans) and hugged a teamate. Are you kidding me. How many times does an opposing player do a mock gator chop when they score a touchdown at the swamp? How many times does a Longhorn player throw up a hook 'em horn sign when they score (or a "horns down" sign when they're an opposing player). Yet you can't throw a ball up a few feet when you pull off an upset creating touchdown? The refs didn't win the game for BYU, but they pretty much lost the game for the Huskies.

Apparently emotion has no place in college football.

What I love...
15 years ago on September 4th Jim Abbott pitched a no hitter against the Cleavland Indians (he pitched for the Yankees).

He is one of four left handed pitchers to throw a no hitter for the Yankees. He's the only one, however, that was born without a right hand. I had forgotten about him though and I'm suprised I did.

Has there been a greater story in sports, any sport, well, ever? I mean this is not an athlete with a disability who was on the bench or only saw action at practice, this was a PITCHER who was born with one hand who not only was a big league starter for ten years, but was a first round draft pick, winner of the James E. Sullivan award in 1987 for the nations top amatuer athlete, won the Big Ten MVP award (pitching for Michigan) and won a gold medal at the 1988 summer olympics!

When's the movie coming out? For real. Just make sure Disney doesn't the rights to the story and make some watered down crappy kids movie about it.

I challenge you to find an athlete more deserving of our respect.

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