Sunday, September 21, 2008

Overtime and Coke: Bad Rules and Big D

What I Hate...
NFL Overtime

I know I've complained about the NFL sudden death overtime before, but considering two games ended in OT this weekend, I feel like I need to hop back on that soap box.

I understand that the NFL is the only major American team sport that doesn't allow local broadcasts, so naturally there are going to be some scheduling issues if all those games are on only two channels (AFC games on CBS, NFC on FOX).

But there is something seriously wrong about rules being set up for the benefit of TV deals, and at the expense of fair competition.

Some sports have sudden death overtimes, for example hockey, but this just doesn't make sense in football due to the nature of an offensvive unit running play after play against a defensive unit. The team that gets stuck on defense is put at a complete disadvantage.

Think what it would be like if other sports adopted this backwards practice.

Sudden death baseball? One team hits a walk off homerun in the top of the 10th, and the game is over? The team on defense never gets to step up to bat. How stupid would that be?

Or sudden death basketball. What if overtime was just the first person to score? No one would be cool with that.
They have been playing high school and college football way longer than the NFL has been around, and there overtime system reflects that. Both team get an equal shot at the endzone, each team gets a shot at stopping them. Over and over until its over.

All I'm saying is that a game shouldn't be decided on a coin toss. Period.

What I Love...

The Rebirth of the Cowboys

Disclaimer, I hate the Cowboys. I'm not happy about them being superbowl favorites because I like them, quite the opposite. When Tom Brady went down, the Patriots became a lot less scary. Last seasons bottom feeder Miami beating the Pats this Sunday did even more to make Boston seem like just another team.

Who's left to hate? The Patriots were the perfect bad guys. Pretty boy quarterback that most guys hate for that very reason. Heartless coach with a thing for running up the score. Painfully annoying fan base (they are Red Sox fans, don't forget that). Randy Moss.

Every sport needs the devil.
Enter the Cowboys.

Remember how annoying they were back in the day? Jimmy Johnson and his goofy hair. Emmit Smith passing Walter Payton, maybe the most loved human in sports history, on the all time rush list. Michael "Nose Candy" Irvin. Deion Sanders.

Now they could be almost as painful. Tony Romo is everywhere. They have Tank Johnson AND Pacman Jones. Jerry Jones is seemingly trying to take back his crown as most irritating owner in Texas from Mark Cuban. Then you've got T.O. At least Michael Irvin's off the field garbage was fun, coke fueled orgies build team unity. T.O. just cries on TV and tries to kill himself.

And the fans? More irksome than Yankee and Laker fans combined, and every bit as trendy for people of the fair weather variety.

They call themselves "America's Team".
I can't wait to cheer against them.

And new on my blog...
What I Don't Understand...
Pep Talk by Ozzie
The Chicago White Sox are set to take on the Minnesota Twins. The series is in Minnesota, and set to start the series opener for the White Sox is the incredibly average Javier Vasquez. Big game right? The skipper may want to offer some words of encouragement right? You don't know Ozzie.
When asked about Vasquez's big game pitcher cred...
"He hasn't been. That's the bottom line. What you see is what you get."
Really Ozzie? Your going the "You suck now prove me wrong" approach on a guy who quite frankly hasn't shown he can handle criticism and hardship?
Then again, he's got a ring.
And hey, it worked for Bobby Knight.


E. Van Dril said...

There's a new book out about the Cowboys during the Switzer era, and there's a whole chapter in the book dedicated to Charles Haley's infatuation with his penis.

It also talks about Michael Irvin stabbing a guy who got in a barber chair before him.

I think you should check it out, because I definitely am.

uisjmc mason said...

I definitely agree that the Cowboys are the new, most hated team in football. And it pains me to admit that, because I am such a fan of Dallas! It was kind of nice for a few years to have New England taking all of the heat, but now that my boys are back at the top I think the hatred is hotter than ever. I am not a fare weather fan, I supported Quincy Carter, "The Rocket", and even Leon Lett. And boy did I hear it then! But when I where my Romo jersey, the boos are even louder than Aikman or Emmitt.

uisjmc jaffe said...

Ya I never thought about it before but Dallas could be the new hateable team if that's a word in the NFL now that the Patriots are no longer a factor. Having T.O. Pacman and Tank on the team doesn't help their case either. Not to mention how annoyed everyone is with the Romo Simpson crap. But for me I think the thing is since the NYG beat the Patriots, except the Bears I'm now never gonna root against them. And it's annoying to me that they're still not getting as much respect as Dal. So I could see myself rooting against them the most this year.