Monday, September 15, 2008

What You Were Talking About

This is my list of the 10 most memorable moments in sports from the last decade. This isn't a list of my personal most memorable moments, but what I feel was most memorable on a national scale

1. 2004 World Series: Boston beats St.Louis
Boston finally ended an 86 year drought and overcame the curse of the Bambino. This is also huge because in recent years they have become a powerhouse by taking another World Series ring and are now neck and neck with the Yankees for control of the Western Hemisphere.

2. Super Bowl XLII: New York 17 New England 14
The ultimate team goes down to the goofy Manning. How did no one do that in the regular season? They pretty much blitzed Brady...alot. They more or less played the Patriots like I played NFL Blitz for Nintendo 64.

3. NBA Finals 1998: Bulls-Jazz
The greatest player to play the game ends his career with the game winning shot in the NBA Finals. Yes, I realise that it wasn't really his last game, but it was the last time he was still His Airness, not, well, whatever the Hell he was on the Wizards.

4. 2005 World Series: White Sox sweep Astros
A year after Boston broke the drought, the White Sox broke their 88 year dry spell with an 11-1 run through the playoffs. This is especially important because the White Sox are the second favorite baseball team in their own city. By winning the World Series, it made the Cubs-Sox rivalry 100 times more bitter.

5. Fiesta Bowl 2007: Boise State 43 Oklahoma 42
Maybe the greatest football game I will ever see. That and it played like a movie, I mean after Ian Johnson scored the game winning touchdown off of a STATUE OF LIBERTY play, he actually proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend. It almost seemed scripted. That, and it was the biggest upset since the Mighty Ducks defeated Team Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2.

6. 2004: Pistons-Pacers Brawl (Malice at the Palice)
Biggest Public Relations hit the NBA will likely ever have. Brawls are all good but when the fans get involved then you have some problems. Something to think about though, why weren't the fans given the proper amount of hate that all the players got. Lets be honest, what would you do if someone sucker punched you and threw beer on you. You might take a swing at them too.

7. 2001 ALCS: Yankees beat Mariners 4 games to 1
The only time the country hasn't hated the Yankees across the board. After the 9/11 attacks, America actually got behind the bad guys and rightfully so. They were unable to win the World Series, but just getting there was enough to help things get back to normal for much of the country.

8. 2004 Athens Summer Olympics: Team USA goes down
When mens basketball was defeated by Argentina 89-81, team USA had to settle for the Bronze medal. This forced America to re-acess how it approached Olympic basketball, namely that they couldn't just show up and win simply because they had more NBA players then the other teams.
9. 2006: Terrell Owens Hydrocodone overdose
Out of all the insane garbage TO finds himself in, nothing beats the time he just about killed himself. Despite what the police said, TO and his publicist both denied anything crazy went down, but at the end of the day, he was still carried out of his home, unresponsive, and his publicist still called 9-1-1 in fear that her client had tried to commit suicide.

10. 2003: Kobe Bryant Sex Assault Charge
The NBA almost saw their best player go away for a sexual assault charge. The woman in question refused to testify though, and for the most part Bryant has been seen as innocent. However, at the time of the allegation, Bryant lost most of his sponsors and his hopes to be seen as the Michael Jordan of his era looked like an impossibility.

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uisjmc hawk said...

We agree with our number ones...That was simply amazing. ESPN's love affair with the Sox aside, to come down 3-0 to the Yanks in the way they did makes it number one...